Reduce Operational Expenditure with an Enclosed Solution

Enclosed Solutions

ComAp’s products are renown for their flexibility. From a simple control system for a water pump, right up to a fully synchronised datacentre, the flexibility of ComAp products is what we pride ourselves on. ComAp’s products are designed for ease of, install, commissioning and maintenance, and can be monitored and managed remotely.

However, designing an integrated solution, building a control panel, terminating the wiring, ensuring it complies with relevant standards, transporting to site, and then installing and commissioning, all takes time and more importantly: it’s expensive. You need experienced staff to design the panel. You need experienced staff to complete the panel wiring. You need experienced staff to install it. You even need all the right tools, and a workshop to do all this in. All this additional expenditure just to get a complete control panel for your application. This is all additional capital and operational expenses that you don’t need and can’t necessarily afford in the current climate.

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