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InteliDrive DCU Marine

Engine controller for Marine Applications
Order code: ID-DCU Marine
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  • Modular IACS Certified Engine Controller for Marine Applications
  • Control, monitoring and protection for any type of marine engines
  • Dedicated Emergency, Auxiliary, Harbour and Propulsion engines application
  • Single speed application for generators and variable speed application for propulsion, pumps, compressors
  • Support of wide range of EFI (ECU) engines with Tier 4F support
  • Support of multiple J1939 devices on one CAN bus line
  • Connection to engine via primary J1939 and backup J1587 buses or Cummins Modbus
  • Remote monitoring via Modbus, Ethernet and AirGate
  • Configurable Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
  • RS232, RS485 via ID-COM, Ethernet communication support via IB-NT
  • WebSupervisor support for remote supervising and monitoring
  • Redundant architecture: Main unit + Backup module
  • Backup ID-RPU module with broken wire protections
  • Speed/load control via J1939 or J1587 buses
  • Symmetrical load sharing for propulsion engines with J1939 (via CAN bus)
  • Power management controller cooperation over CAN bus (IG/IS-NTC-BB)
  • Integrated clutch control
  • 14 binary inputs
  • 14 binary outputs
  • 8 analog inputs
  • Marine certified extension modules for expandable number of Input/Outputs
  • 80× AIN, 32× AOUT, 112× BIN, 112× BOUT
  • Load sharing for propulsion engines, Integrated clutch control for propulsion engines
  • Switching between primary and secondary battery
  • Internal configurable PLC with large set of functions
  • PLC lock capability to keep your know-how safe
  • Event driven History record up to 4000
  • Customizable colour HMIs, incuding InteliVision 12T OEM support
  • I-RD-CAN Marine remote display is replaced by ComAp HMIs InteliVision

Overview of ComAp marine approved products.

Existing HW version 1.0 is upgraded to HW version 2.0, ComAp is selling out of the stock existing HW version until 28th of February 2018.

From 1st of March 2018 is officially available only upgraded HW version 2.0. 

Upgraded firmware ID-DCU-Marine-3.0.0 for upgraded controller HW version 2.0 is available in the installation suite and  is NOT compatible with old controller HW version 1.0.1

Latest firmware for controller HW version 1.0.1 is ID-DCU-Marine-2.2.2, available in software download section below

Recommended by our customers

'The reason why we chose ComAp was it fullfilled all our requirements, in controlling and monitoring the systems. Also it was very easy to intergrate it with systems we already used on the ferry. Also in the future if there is anything that needs to be added it is easy to do. We are really satisfied with the ComAp system.'

Peeter Raamat Technician


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