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InteliLite 9

Next generation of Controller for single gen-set applications
Order code: IL3LAMF9BAA
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  • Single gen-set controller for stand-by and prime-power applications
  • Direct communication with EFI engines
  • All-in-one intuitive & powerful PC tool for configuration/monitoring/control, locally or remotely
  • Stand-by and prime-power application in one unit
  • 5 languages in the controller & Translator functionality
  • 3 levels of passwords
  • 3 sets of alternative configurations
  • Magnetic pickup
  • ECU support & Tier 4 Final ready
  • Plug-in module concept for more capabilities (Modbus, Internet, SMS, inputs/outputs)
  • 1 slot for plug-in modules
  • Power over USB for controller’s adjustment
  • Adjustable D+ threshold
  • Ventilation pulse
  • Flexible and dynamic choke
  • Fuel Pump control
  • 6 binary outputs, 6+1 binary inputs, 3 analog inputs
  • 2 high-current binary outputs
  • E-Stop input physically disconnets binary outputs 1 & 2 from power
  • Adjustable delay for binary inputs
  • Alarms and gen-set status asignable to binary outputs
  • Possibility to select the source for Run Hours
  • Real time clock
  • Multi-purpose scheduler functionality
  • 3 maintenance timers
  • Detailed history log with up to 150 records
  • Zero power mode
  • Possibility to disable protections
  • Modbus register mapping possibility
  • Start on low battery
  • Cutout: 172mm x 112 mm (same as IL-NT family)


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