Compressor System

A solution for any compressor system: from Dynamic, Positive Displacement, Rotary to Reciprocating. Our controllers fit into diesel, gas or dual-fuel engine.


A complex compressor system requires a sophisticated control algorithm for complete control, monitoring and protection of the engine and compressor.

ComAp Solution

InteliDrive BaseBox makes complete control, monitoring and protection of the engine and compressor easy. The sophisticated control algorithm using built-in PLC modules accomplishes optimal running conditions for the compressor.

Compressor System
  1. InteliDrive BaseBox is a complete Engine and Compressor Control, Monitoring and Protection unit and can be used for both Mechanical and EFI engines with a J1939 interface.
  2. Compressor start is activated by the control panel's START button in manual mode.
  3. After a preheating period at idle RPM, the controller keeps discharge pressure constant, changing the engine RPM.
  4. Load valve unloads the engine, in case of no air consumption.
  5. Adjustable idle timeout function stops the compressor to save fuel.
  6. The compressor can be started and stopped automatically as well based on pressure level.

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