Onboard Generator and System Control for the Kihnu Vivre Ferry

Onboard Generator and System Control

Estonia consists of a mainland and 2,222 islands. Many of these islands are inhabited, but also quite isolated. Ferries are used extensively to provide connections between the island communities and deliver better services to the people living on the islands. The Kihnu Virve ferry mainly services a route around Vormsi Island – the fourth largest island in Estonia, currently home to 240 people.

The Kihnu Virve ferry is powered by MTU engines, but also has Volvo and Rolls-Royce engines to power the auxiliary systems. These generators are all controlled by ComAp’s InteliDrive DCU and InteliMains controllers, with the InteliVision 17Touch on the ship’s bridge providing control and systems information.

“Our reason for choosing ComAp was that it fulfilled all our requirements for controlling and monitoring the system. It was also very easy to integrate it with the systems that we already used on the ferry. Also in the future, if there is anything that needs to be added, it is easy to do this. We are really satisfied with the ComAp system.”

Peeter Raamat, Baltic Marine Group

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