Smart Control for Electric, Diesel or Gas Engines

Controls for Any Engine on the Market

Electric Powered? Diesel Powered? Gas Powered? Our range of engine controller technologies is relied upon to provide unsurmountable control and monitoring in many different applications. Whether it is a sprinkler system in a tomato farm or a multi-million-dollar compression site, our field tested products will support your business. Even in the harshest environments.


Compressed gas or compressed air is not an issue with ComAp's engine control solution. We┬┤ll monitor and protect your single or multi-stage compressors.

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Control solution for dewatering, irrigation or booster pump applications. Including mining pump systems, thanks to the harsh environment certification.

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We have developed an easy to fit bi-fuel management package which converts your diesel engine to run primarily on gas. For both stationery and mobile engines, you can gain significant savings.

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'We decided to use the InteliDrive Lite FPC for our Fire Pump System, due to the many advantages the controller provided. The InteliDrive Lite FPC is very friendly and easy to use, allowing for easy use and simple adaptation. As well as its versatility and automatic/manual starting sequence, the design fulfills NFPA 20 standards making the entire system highly reliable and giving us complete peace of mind.'

Mauricio Batyk Maintenance Manager

Certified Solutions

ComAp has invested heavily in obtaining UL listed CID2 certificate for the hazardeous areas. We are also following many standards for fire-pump systems.

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