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Mains Protection

Decentralized Energy Source? You need Mains Protection.

As the installed capacity of decentralized sources of energy continues to increase, the distribution system can become less stable resulting in destabilizing of grid parameters such as voltage or frequency. Mains protections are essential to the safe operation of the grid.

Benefit-Grid codes compliant
Grid codes compliant Use one device all over the world, no matter where your project ends up
Benefit-Plug and Play Solution
Plug and Play Solution User-friendly interface reduces commissioning time
Flexible ComAp's range of protections products allows usage on various power generation applications

How it works

Mains protection continuously monitors the parameters of the grid. In case a problem occurs mains protection will automatically disconnect the generator from the grid to protect both the generator and the grid.


Why use mains protection relays
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Recommended by our customers

“TEDOM has been using ComAp mains decoupling relays for over 10 years – installing over 1500 units during this time on both new projects and upgrading older installations. MainsPro was first used immediately after the product release as a replacement for the NPU protection unit that we used before. Typical uses for MainsPro include switchboards of cogeneration units and gen-sets operating in parallel with the public distribution network. MainsPro accurately measures and evaluates the essential mains parameters, and provides reliable mains-decoupling protection. It also brings added benefits including excellent usability, possibility of mechanical sealing, a wider range of features and the ability to switch two-set settings via an external contact”

Petr Sedlák Electrical Department Manager

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