The heart of smart control for
Industrial Power Generation

Quality Control for High Volume Customers

Delivering high-quality yet cost-efficient, flexible but intuitive solutions for high-volume gen-set manufacturers - impossible? No, it's the world of ComAp Power Generation Industrial.

Flexibility PLC, plug-in modules, state-of-the-art LiteEdit. A new level of flexibility, in an intuitive way
Benefit-High Quality
High Quality Made in Europe with high quality components
Benefit-Remote Communications
Remote Communications Your rental fleet under control. Anytime, anywhere.

How it works

ComAp's years of experience in the world of power generation ensures that our products are always at the forefront of technology. From innovative communcation features, multiple inputs and outputs to being the first company to deliver online monitoring - ComAp doesn't keep up with new technology - we are new technology. 


Single Gen-set Control Solutions
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Recommended by our customers

'When the world’s spotlight is on us we need to be certain the lights stayed on! ComAp provides a complete and reliable service so that we’re always in control of the power being generated. The reliability of the paralleling capability and the overall controller flexibility, including the ability to customize screen information are invaluable tools in the successful delivery of key infrastructure for one of the most logistically challenging events in the world of sport.'

Bahadir Celim Managing Director

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