ComAp Cloud

One digital ecosystem for any service you´d like to connect to ComAp products and services. ComAp Cloud offers a flexible integration platform that can easily connect ComAp and 3rd party devices as a new background for digital services. Great potential for innovative solutions that are to come in the near future and awaits the time we make them real.

Benefit-Increased Security
Increased Security Your data and services are safe, with extra authentication needed for every user.
Benefit-Integration with 3rd party products and services
Integration with 3rd party products and services If you need to connect your products or services with our solutions, with ComAp Cloud we guarantee smooth data sharing and interaction.
Benefit-Innovations Enabler
Innovations Enabler Thanks to shared digital ecosystem, any innovation can be delivered in shorter time to market.

ComAp Cloud Usage Examples:

MFA Login to WebSupervisor
Multifactor authentication (MFA) is part of the new ComAp Identity Management, service that will provide single admission to other ComAp´s online services and applications soon. WebSupervisor is the first service connected to the ComAp Cloud Identity portal and the MFA login is enabled when registering into ComAp Cloud Identity Portal, ensuring the cutting-edge security to our customers.
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Spot Price Dispatch

Spot Price Dispatch automatically monitors the wholesale electricity price, published by the Electricity Authorities in particular areas. When the price meets the predetermined high price threshold, the Spot Price Dispatch signals the customer´s generator to start. When the price drops back down, the reverse happens. This all happens leveraging ComAp Cloud.
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ComAp Cloud REST API
REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) is an industry-standard Internet protocol that provides an interface for applications to interact with ComAp Cloud services by sending and receiving data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) objects. It allows the customers to integrate data from ComAp products and services with 3rd party applications. Or combine them with data from other data sources and create simple applications with custom business logic, like creating custom BI reports, integrating customer’s CRM or ERP systems, or using ComAp devices in of the shelf automation tools to trigger events or responses to external events.

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